The Ultimate Link Building Mantra after Google’s Rank Algorithm Update


Google publicly announced an algorithm update of rank on 24th April, 2012 which is widely known as Google Penguin Update. Though we have not originate any official acknowledgment about the name “Penguin” but anyway, the name not sounds too bad . The algorithmic change has influenced approx 3% of the English searched results as stated in their blog. Nonetheless this is just a smarter version of their earlier update known as Panda and the effect of both these updates have changed approx 15% of the search results.  Now that’s a impressive change.

Based on our research and analysis over the time, we have seen that the update mainly affected following 5 type of SEO practices –

  1. Continuous apply of using exact targeted keywords to generate one-way incoming links.
  2. Too many backlinks from the same websites or similar categorized sites.
  3. Practice of generating poor quality or irrelevant links mostly through the stereotype blog comments (consist of username spam), forum post, signature etc. specifically just to generate a link for your website.
  4. Building irrelevant contextual links or content spam as confirmed in their official post.
  5. Getting links from a website with least to no unique and valuable content and specially created for link building or more particularly 3-way link building purposes.

Some of the questions that we have faced from our clients recently like –

Should we not apply article submission or press release distribution anymore for link building purpose as Google appears to penalize mostly these content aggregators?

Should we rely only on contextual link building?

Well, let us primarily specify that we have no intent to advertise any of our services through that post. We would be glad to guide you about the safe link building tactics after that update. The ultimate mantra is “Diversify, Diversify and Diversify”.

Domain Diversification:

A Lot of links from the related categorized sites always show suspicious to the search engines. That was active even before the impacts of that update – the difference is that now Google is cleaver enough now to detect them without problems. Suppose, if there are say 3500 links pointing back to your websites and more than 85% links are coming from the article submission directories that’s irrelevant or unnatural and your website liable to be penalized. Your website should have back links from all possible resources like blogs, social media,  websites, business listing sites, press release sites, directories, article sites to name a few. You must not use or priorities a single technique and just overlook about all other techniques.

Second point is that needs to be keeping in mind that variegation among the same type of link building sources. For example – are you submitting your articles to the same catalog of article directories repeatedly? Well, think not doing that any longer and instead pick a catalog of top quality aggregators and vary the website list you use on weekly or monthly basis for a particular website.

Keyword Diversification:

Although few months ago the technique of using exact targeted keyword as anchor text was useful to get on top in SERP but now it can be the main cause of your penalty. Because that all the time sounds unnatural and we know that Google always loves natural links. So twist your keywords by using singular-plural forms, synonyms by adding prefix or suffix with your keyword, preposition/articles if that is meaningful or by changing the order of keyword and even employ common misspelling as anchor text. In addition consider to gain some links using the URL itself i.e. without using any anchor text.

Content Diversification:

Google always encourages writing content for users. That’s why you need to write quality and unique articles for contextual link building purpose. Though it’s accepted that the same article can be distributed among several content aggregators but it is secure to use an article version once only. Article spinner can be helpful to save your time; still we will advise checking each spun version of article manually to make sure those are up to the mark or acceptable by the human editors.

Link Type Diversification:

Now you need to build non SEO friendly backlinks for the interest of SEO! Yes, it’s unnatural if you have all “dofollow” backlinks in your site. The natural look backlink composition should have incoming links from nofollow text links, the images etc. from the relevant sources.

URL Diversification:

It is also unnatural if you are collecting links for only your Homepage or only for some of the targeted and priority inner pages. Your website should have several other pages which may not be useful for SEO purpose but for visitors. So you must maintain the balance so that it looks natural.

We hope that the post will help somehow to conceptualize what you need to do after this algorithmic update. Let us know your thoughts here.

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