Top 10 Domain Level Factors Affecting Search Engine Rankings in 2015


Google take into consideration over 200 ranking factors across its index to rank websites accordingly. From our research and analysis we have gathered here top domain level SEO ranking aspects that assist a website’s visibility in search engines. Check these out –

  1. Domain Extension / Country TLD Extension

If you don’t want your website to rank worldwide but in a particular country, ccTLD, like .de, .us, .ca, .za, assists for your website to rank better in that specific country. Google gives preference to sites with country-specific domain name extensions.

  1. Domain Age

Domain age can be treated as how long it has been there since Google first indexed that domain or saw a link to that domain not it just refer that how long you have registered that domain. It is one of the aspects and partially essential for search engine ranking. Aged domains can get additional bit of Google oomph.

Though Mat Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam Team, states that the Google is not possessed regarding trying to find an old domain to be ranked better. Most vital thing is quality of your website’s content and the kind of likes that you receive as a result of the quality of your content.

Click on the below link to check out the video on what he has to say on this subject:

Still, an older domain has better trust vote than just a newly registered domain

  1. Hosting Server

Server location impacts where your website ranks in miscellaneous geographical regions, especially important for geo-specific searches.

  1. Keywords in Domain Name

Making keyword appearing TLD or using as first word in domain performs as a relevancy indicator and gifts an extra edge over websites that do not have keyword in the domain name.

  1. Keyword as First Word in the Domain Name

With the primary targeted keyword as the first word in the domain name enhances keyword prominence thus improved ranking in search engines.

  1. Domain Registration Length

Domain registration length impacts website’s position in search engine. Legitimate domains are paid for multiple years in advance, while new domains are rarely used for more than a year. Therefore, the date when a domain expires in the future can be used as a aspect in anticipating the authority of a domain.

  1. Domain Name Length

Avoid using domain names longer than 15 characters. Make it easy to remember, simple to share and have less chance of resulting in typos.

In a nutshell keyword positioned in domain combined with TLD extensions within appropriate length and less hyphen or ages improve SEO results efficiently.

  1. Domain History

A domain that has been impacted by any Google penalty or any sandbox factor in the earlier period can affects the ranking. It is best to start with a great website, outstanding content, and build your accurate identity. Domain history reveals who you are and what you do. Identity is more and more important to your overall SEO ranking.

Checkout the below video to find out what Matt Cutts has thought about the process of researching a domain name  that you want to purchase.

  1. Exact Match Domain

Exact Match Domain is also one of the important factors that help in accomplishing good ranking in search result page. The domains, having single terms that people frequently type in, e.g., etc., receive enormous direct traffic quickly.

Though in September, 2012 Google started Exact Match Domain update to restrict poor quality sites from ranking well just as they had words that match search terms within their domain names. After new EMD update, websites that improve their content recover good rankings. So, if the other quality issue of the domain is all right then having the exact word in domain name can develop its rankability.

  1. Public vs. Private WhoIS

In spite of the fact that Google was never against privacy, the perfect procedure is not to conceal your own particular personality from internet searchers and your clients. Private WhoIS information can make individuals address about entrepreneur and validness of the business. Consequently having open WhoIS information gives you a chance to keep up the straightforwardness and discharges every one of the questions about your character, hence enhances SEO positioning in a roundabout way.

So there you have it – each known area level SEO positioning variables in one place for your benefit! Do remark on the off chance that you wish to include whatever other point that you have watched or get a kick out of the chance to examine advance about any of the above point expressed previously.

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