Top 5 On-page Elements that Should Include Your Targeted Keywords

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All search engines not rank websites but rank web pages, so we need to make every targeted webpage of your site search engine friendly or search engine optimized. Every page of your site should have its individual targeted keywords and that page should be optimized for those targeted keywords. So here are the main elements of a webpage where you should place your targeted keywords –

Page Title – Title tag is the single most important thing for SEO and it must include your exact targeted keywords. Title tag has the highest weight to rank a particular page and should be distinctive based on the perspective of a page. So make sure that every targeted page of your website got unique SEO friendly title tag.

Heading – Behind your ranking, Heading tag also plays a very important role. So your page headings such as H1, H2 or H3 should have contain your targeted keywords and a meaningful description.

Body Content – “Content is the king” – this is a well known quotation of SEO. Content of a page directly relates the relevancy of a page for some particular targeted keywords. The keyword weight of your body content should be in between 3% to 5% as a general practice. The formula of keyword weight is – [{(Number of words in the keyword phrase x Keyword frequency) / Total words} x 100]. So ensure your content is written by keeping SEO in mind.

Internal Links – Anchor text links among different webpage within your site manipulate relevancy of the linked page for the linked text. Now for example, if we link our onpage optimization service page with the anchor “on page optimization services” – this will enhance link relevancy of that page for that term and ultimately increase rankability of that landing page.

Meta Description – Although Meta Description tag doesn’t have any direct influence to rank a page but it still often impacts CTR (Click Through Rate) of a page when it is eligible to rank on SERP.  If developed properly, Meta description shows on SERP just below the page title. If you include the keywords or search terms in Meta Description those would be bold by search engines in SERP.

We know that there are several others on page elements that directly or indirectly impact the performance of a page. We have pointed out top five elements here.

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