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A single time investment will fetch you long term traffic of high quality backlinks that will help you to boost your website's ranking and improve your business ROI.

Quality WordPress Theme Submissions Services Within Your Budget

WordPress helps traffic of World Wide Web (WWW) by directing it to the proper site. It accomplishes this by making each single site that utilizes this software presentable and bringing in one way links back to your website. Do you know that in 2011, more than 156 million public blogs were active with further coming to life every day. WordPress has turned into the most well-known CMS used on the internet. As of August 2011, in US market only,22 out of every 100 active domains were running WordPress (source: www.wikipedia.org). WordPress has achieved popularity over the last few years and by the 15th March, 2012, an estimate of number of searches taking place every month on the internet, WordPress free themes can be seen on Google's search status

WordPress Theme Search Stats

How can all this be appropriate to your website's SEO and useful for you? To answer this question, we should first agree upon the reality that appearance is as important as quality in proper growth of any industry. All of the Wordpress themes that you will be distributed through us will be free of cost but it will look like a premium one and free of cost clause is only valid if your links within the footer are used by the users. That theme will then be submitted in multiple directories to enable bloggers or searchers to reach your theme without any difficulty. You will get inbound links each and every time a user make use of your own theme in his site.

This will get you long term traffic of high quality backlinks with a single time investment. Choose the package that suits your requirements.


Services Turnaround Prices
50 WP Theme Submissions
30+ Guaranteed Published Links
5 days On Request
100 WP Theme Submissions
60+ Guaranteed Published Links
7 days On Request
Custom WP Theme Design & HTML Conversion
(1 unique mock-up theme design, maximum 2 iterations )
7 days On Request
Custom WP Theme Design & HTML Conversion
(2 unique mock-up design, maximum 2 iterations on the selected design)
10 days On Request


What is WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is used to change the design and functionality of a particular website that uses WordPress CMS. It does not alter the content of the website but only with the look and feel. It makes a website more appealing and presentable to the viewers. It is simple to use and does not need any particular training.

How is a WordPress theme useful for my website/brand?

Every wordpress theme has a footer section which includes links to your website with keywords. It might appear like this - "Your Customized Wordpress Theme -keyword1". When a user installs your customized theme into their website, it acquires a lot of one way links. The inbound links are expected to be of the same category as your website. if your theme is present in some well-known directory such as WordPress theme directory (click on any WP theme there and see the download stats) you are likely going to get a good number of high quality backlinks on a daily basis.

Is it possible for any user to remove my website’s links from the footer?

Changing a footer section is a time taking process that needs development knowledge to make it fully operational. It would be better to code for a whole new wordpress theme instead. It is noticeably stated under the terms or license part that a legal step can be taken against the one who disobeys the following- "You can share, duplicate or transmit the theme free of cost providing you are keeping the footer links intact."

Where my theme will be submitted?

Your theme will be submitted by us to the different WordPress theme aggregators and forums which permit bloggers to download the required themes for free of cost.

How to track use of my theme?

As a theme is incorporated into a blog or a website, the links will begin to coming in from different domains. You can check these inbound links using a backlink checking tool like Google Webmaster Tools.

How can I offer the theme for distribution?

If you want us to distribute your theme, kindly Contact us. We will inform you in details what you will need to share with us. You can also hire us to craft the design or do changes of your theme at $99.

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